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Encapsulated by forests, mountains and wildlife, Lolo Hot Springs transports you to a bygone era where simplicity reigns supreme. 

Don't expect bells and whistles like luxurious lodging, a fancy restaurant or an on-site spa. Though at Lolo Hot Springs there is still plenty to do, think log cabins, a rustic bar and grill and nature trails for this authentic experience rooted in history.


Lolo Hot Springs is meant to be experienced the way it's always been, dating back to centuries ago when the Indians and Lewis and Clark alike grew to love our local pools.

History of Lolo Hot Springs















The Lewis and Clark expedition is known to have stopped at these pools along their journey in 1805 and again in 1806, but they were in use long before that.

These waters were an ancient meeting site and bathing spot for Indian tribes for hundreds of years. And even before that, it was a natural mineral lick for the wildlife that still hangs around the area. The Lewis and Clark expedition simply gave Lolo Hot Springs more prestige, and by the late 1800s, the pools were a rendezvous spot for all kinds of explorers, prospectors and trappers. 

As time went on, traveler's from all walks of life came to check out Lolo Hot Springs. And then Missoula's Norman Maclean wrote the semi-autobiographical book "A River Runs Through It", which turned into an all-time classic and movie featuring Brad Pitt.

Lolo Hot Springs is weathered by the passage of time, giving each visitor a raw adventure. 


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